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About The Show

On the unpredictable road of entrepreneurship, it can be immensely helpful to receive guidance and advice from those who have traveled those roads already.

Their experiences, distilled into teachable information, can help the rest of us avoid common pitfalls. Although their advice should be treated as a source of inspiration and not prescription, you can avoid a lot of useless theory by listening to those who are doers, not simply dreamers.

I enjoy finding hidden gems of this sort of information, and when I do, I bring them here so that you can hangout with world-renowned business leaders doling out straightforward, honest advice on matters that matter to YOU.

To me, these shows are all about real time engagement and they don’t mean much as a one way conversation. As time permitting, I’ll be sharing your comments and questions during the hangout, even if you didn’t make it into the film strip.

I'm THAT Geek Show

Yifat Cohen invites you to speak with thought leaders in science, technology, ideas, innovation, business, marketing... about the strategies and technologies that are emerging and how to use them today for our business success tomorrow.

The future is already here. Are you ready for it?
Are you wasting your time learning skills that are not compatible with the futures emerging right around the corner?

Join us for a one of a kind hangout experience and take a front row seat with world experts. Engage in a face to face conversation and ask them anything you want - live, unscripted and on point.

About your Geek – Yifat Cohen

A Growth Hacker

Yifat is the architect behind generating a quarter of a million dollar in just 10 days with Google hangouts. A growth hacker specializing in community building, gamifying live engagements and cultivating brand evangelists.

Yifat is one of the very few non-Googlers who was asked by Google to present Google products at Google offices. She is often flown around the world to speak for Google at their global events.

Besides Google, her client roster includes The Office of the Governor of Texas, Mashable Social Good, and Versus to name a few.

A Community Builder

Where as the average community (membership) retention rates are 3-4 months, Yifat’s clients enjoy retention rates of 3 years and going.

Known as the G+ GotoGal, Yifat cracked the code on monetizing attention with conversion rates of 15%-40% without affiliates, ad buy or any complicated marketing tactics.

She gets more engagement on her G+ content than people with millions of followers – four times as much engagement on her hangouts as Guy Kawasaki and Gary Vaynerchuk combined.

Completely FREE while it's live.

…everything you need, none of the fluff you don’t.

Inside our community you will find the best strategies from top experts PLUS the ACTION steps to put in your own business.

  • Linkedin Strategies

    How do you get a minimum of 3-5 DREAM LEADS coming directly to your inbox every week with no advertising, SEO or cold calling? Get this SYSTEM now.

  • Viral Video Marketing

    Use the easy HILDA system by Ken Okazaki to create 52 videos in just 3 days. Apply the A (Altruistic Ask) to get them go viral.

  • Get paid for your expertise

    You don't need to speak for free to build a reputation. David Newman walks you through a step by step system of getting paid NOW to share your expertise.

  • Chosen: how do you do more than just stand out?

    How do you become the guy who gets chosen? Marc Ensign removes the curtain for you.

  • Get PR to work for you!

    Find out what your selfies say about you and how to use them to get good PR.

  • and much more...

Real Reviews by real people

Yifat Cohen You are rocking my world today. Your Google hangout training videos are awesome. I finally understand how Google+ works. Yes!

Want To Be ‘That Girl’ Online?

If you’re starting to get more serious about using Google+ to grow your business, check out this new course created by my friend +Yifat Cohen the +G+GoTo Gal. I just signed up and it is awesome so far!

I’ve learned so much from Yifat and everything she creates is genius (plus, she overdelivers by about 1000% so you know this is going to be fantastic).

What Yifat doesn't know about Google+ isn't worth knowing.

Listen, I’ll get right to the freakin’ point.

Before I met Yifat, I knew so little about Google+ hangouts that it was just sad.

Since Yifat showed me (and my audience) the light, I’ve participated in my first Hangout (which was awesome) and I know my audience and customers have been hosting their own.

Yifat will help you dominate Hangouts as well.

Google is leading the way in the online world, and Yifat is leading the way Google Plus.

Until my hangout with Yifat, my understanding of G+ was close to zero. By the time our hangout was done, I truly realized how much opportunity I was leaving on the table by not operating my G+ account the way it should be.

Thank you Yifat for taking EntrepreneurOnFire’s G+ from the dark woods of ignorance to the beautiful fields of opportunity.

You rock!


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