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Hey Neville! Good to see you.

Are you using LinkedIn now for lead generation?

Have you considered starting a community before?

What a great conversation!

Me too! What do they say - you don't stop to play because you grow old, you grow old because you stop to play 😉

You're right. I think of clients that way too. But then... there are "potential clients" as opposed to Impressions or views. I'll be sure to ask Adam about it.

How often do you email?

Welcome! Feel free to watch here and type any questions you may have. If you want to join the conversation, click the button above to come chat with us.

hi! let us know you're here.. any question you may have

I still remember your "how to DO video" series 🙂

what can we answer for you today?

Glad you're joining us! Great question for Ken.

Welcome!! Let us know - have you created marketing videos yet? How's that going for you?

Hi Andrew. Great to see you here.

I'd love to see your lovely face on screen with us next time 😉

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