We're a community of entrepreneurs and small business owners connecting and supporting each other around everything marketing, business and growth.

Ah, and every other Thursday, we're talking with experts and thought leaders in real time too, because it's a lot faster to learn from those who have traveled those roads already.

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At this point in time, the internet is filled with any type of content imaginable. And people are still stuck. People are still broke. People are still sick and desperate.

We don't need more information, we need CONNECTION, we need a place to belong and friends for the journey.

But even more than that, we need to take ACTION.

Without taking action there's no change.

Without change, there's no improvement.

And without improvement, there's no growth.

And we're in business to grow it.

I'm That Geek community connects you with like minded people, in real time, to help you solve your most pressing challenges on your way to a successful business.

When you join us you choose what area of your business you want to focus on and along with your teammates you embark on a month long challenge to get it done. Together.

The next month, you can tackle another area of your business. Together.

By the end of the month you moved the needle, you grew your business and you've had fun with your peers.

Oh, and you might have unlocked a reward or two. But that's just the cherry on top 🙂

Word On The Street

She will deliver ROI of at least 10 to 1.

Yifat possess a rare quality of being able to cut through the clutter and grasp the essence of a problem. She understands business and business people. Her command of the internet is vast and comprehensive. Any business person would be wise to have her in their corner. She will deliver ROI of at least 10 to 1. I have witnessed this first hand.

~Darrel Yashinsky
President at Pinnacle Contractor Group

engage your audience in a profitable way

“Oh that Yifat… she is the expert on how to grow and engage your audience in a profitable way – whether that profit is time or money… no matter how you measure it, she is the expert on making it happen.”

~Cheryl Cigan
Owner of Known


Because you can't get to them, we bring them to you.

I'm That Geek show gets you REAL TIME access to CEO's, Ambassadors, Presidents, Authors and thought leaders.

But that's not enough.

I found that most people join the show, ask their questions and go about their lives without applying anything.

And miss the growth and the results they came for.

As a member of the community you will get access to information and to the brightest minds on the planet, but more importantly, you'll get ACCOUNTABILITY and you'll TAKE ACTION, in a FUN and PLAYFUL way.


We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

Why is it that we can spend entire weekends playing (video games, with our kids, watching movies, being in nature... or whatever your version of Play is...) but when it comes to learning, growing and getting shit done, we procrastinate, we're afraid, we never start...?

What if we could add Play back into our business, into our learning and growing, so that moving forward feels like leveling up in a fun and challenging game?

We sure can! And not only that, we can turn these games into...


Engagement is not something you sell. Engagement is something you FEEL.

Were you ever invited into a party by one of your friends and felt completely out of place because you didn't know anyone?

Have you ever joined a Facebook group or a LinkedIn group only to feel sold to, or worse - ignored?

There's more that goes into building a real community, the one that has your back and isn't just talking at you, but with you. One were you feel like you belong. That you're finally home, among your peers.

And we know exactly how to...



If you're tired of all the smoke and mirrors - YOU BELONG HERE.

If you want to CONNECT with other business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, influencers  - YOU BELONG HERE.

If you've heard it all before and have had enough of the BS and the shallow - YOU BELONG HERE.

If you want to TAKE ACTION and move beyond text to real time, face to face conversations - YOU BELONG HERE.

If you know there must be a better way to do this whole "Social Media" thing - YOU BELONG HERE.

If you're a giver, a connector and overall a good human being - YOU BELONG HERE.

If you value relationships over status - YOU BELONG HERE.

If you've had enough of going it at it alone - YOU BELONG HERE.

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Access to I'm That Geek community is by invitation only. You'll appreciate this too once you're a member.

you don’t have to go at it alone.

Don't just learn from your peers, pick the brain of thought leaders and experts, in real time.

JB Kellogg

JB Kellogg

Co-CEO of the fastest growing technology company in the country

Discover how to break over the glass ceiling of growth, how to take calculated risks and what guarantee to offer your clients.

Anne Samoilov

Anne Samoilov

What you should be launching

Anne Samoilov of FearlessLaunching.com talks about what to prioritize in launching online.

Sean D’Souza

Sean D’Souza

How to build a community where clients hardly ever want to leave

Sean‘s community is 16 years old and growing! A lot of what you’ll experience here is based on Sean’s teachings. Learn how you can do that too.

Elisa Bennett

Elisa Bennett

LinkedIn - how to get clients you LOVE.

For the past two years, Elisa B. Bennett has been turning her lifelong love affair with lead generation into the secret weapon that coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs use to unlock the power of LinkedIn to unleash an avalanche of leads nearly on autopilot.

Ken Okazaki

Ken Okazaki

How to go viral with video

You can generate all the video content you need in just 3 days! Ken walks you through a step by step system (HILDA) and shows you how to use your phone to go viral.

Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal

How to HOOK people on your products

Author of the best selling book - HOOKED, Nir talks about the phycology behind why people buy, and walks one of our viewers through finding out EXACTLY how he should position his offer.

Martin Lindstrom

Martin Lindstrom

Best-Selling Author and Branding Expert

New York Times, 100 most influential people talks about brand building, why transparency is very bad for us and gives you Shark Tank advice on your own products and services.

Heather Pearce Campbell

Heather Pearce Campbell

Protect yourself!

How can you protect your business from copycats... what type of agreements should you have in place, and how to go about all that legal stuff.

John Gray

John Gray

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Relationships, Men, Women & Stress.

Women - do you find yourselves craving sugar, sweets and that you’re easily getting upset even over little things?

Men - Do you find yourselves fatigue, feeling "blah" and with a sense of boredom or flatness?

John Gray says that you’re probably stressed out. a lot.

Tara McMullin (Gentile)

Tara McMullin (Gentile)


Tara Gentile is a customer-obsessed business strategist who guides entrepreneurs through the frontier of the New Economy.

David Newman

David Newman

Market, Monetize, and Maximize Your Expertise.

David destroy the myths around the Speaking industry including -
‘Do you need to have a bestselling book?’ and ‘Do you need to speak for free?’

David talks about getting started as a paid speaker, providing value by solving problems and why the key to success is being n

Simon Mainwaring

Simon Mainwaring

How to turn your brand into a movement

Simon Mainwaring, world class expert in purposeful branding, shares his insights into how you turn your brand into a movement based on his work with brands like TOMS, Virgin, Timberland, and more.

Information alone is not enough. You must take action! And we do it together in the community.


Scaled with even Greater Success!

Yifat is outstanding! She breaks things down to a level that is simple and easy to follow! Within One Half Hour, I logged out feeling Confident that My Next Campaign was going to be Scaled with even Greater Success! Thanks be to you Yifat! Gambate!

~Scott Forest Pulsipher

I am confident in how to move my company forward

Working with Yifat has been excellent for my organization. On our first call, she didn’t waste time with excess chit chat, and instead jumped right into the depth of my brand and where we were seeing the most struggle. I appreciate that she was friendly, yet to the point, giving me tangible strategies to then take back and immediately implement into my company.

One thing that truly stood out to me and left a lasting impression was that she was willing to get out of her seat and envision herself in mine. Yifat logged into my member’s site directly and gave me instant feedback in a positive, yet constructive manner. I am confident in how to move my company forward as an influencer after my experiences with her. If you have not had your time with her, and you’re truly looking for someone to be real with you, I highly recommend reaching out to Yifat.

~Jessica Thompson
President/CEO at Impact University


The I'm That Geek Community is SO much more than a Facebook group or online forum.

When you’re a member, you receive:

    • People with kind hearts and firm determination. In Africa there’s a saying that goes like this: “If you want to travel quickly, go alone. If you want to travel far, go with a group.” I'm That geek is about going FAR and so we are focusing on attracting the right kind of people only.
    • Real time, face to face interactions.

The internet can be a cold and lonely place, where the most gore and vile hide behind anime avatars. Here it's the exact opposite. We interact in chat, in private messages and in live video calls - so we really get to know each other up close and personal. We're not just Community members, we're a solid, supportive and united group. Our connections transcend the virtual and we may meet a few times a year just to deepen that human connection.

    • Information that’s specific to your current and future needs.

Let’s face it. We’re drowning in information. The information we need changes from task to task, from day to day and from person to person. In I'm That Geek, the information you get is suited to you - and to your project.
Unlike Search engines that spit out articles, here you'll speak with a real human, in a video chat (if you both desire) and get the right answer to the specific question on your mind.

    • FUN, rewards and Play.

Business has always been about relationships first, and sometimes on our entrepreneurial journey we get stressed out, we start focusing on numbers and bottom lines and worse - compare ourselves to others. We need a place we can unwind, connect and laugh. We need a good sense of humor, play and maybe some small challenges that give us little wins and remind us how capable we are. We need a place that doesn't let the whole "I just made a gazillion dollars and got 479,386 people to my website in less than an hour” nonsense in the door! I'm That Geek knows what real business and honest marketing is about, and we help you focus on it so you can get to where you want without distractions.

Personal welcome
Real time, face to face interaction
Access to thought leaders
Games, fun and virtual currencies (aka rewards)
For entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs
Friends, Messages and chats
Monthly challenges

It’s unreal, but I’m That Geek Community is so inexpensive

It’s so inexpensive that most people think there must be a catch. How can you get so much for so little? Many memberships charge $200 a month? How is it be possible to get access to the top CEO's, thought leaders and business experts... ask hundreds of questions and get a human talking with you and supporting you... play games and win rewards... There has got to be a catch.

And yet no there is no catch.

You get everything just as it is described here on this page.

  • Flexible
  • $97/ month
  • Enjoy flexible access with our month-to-month plan.
  • Annual
  • $970/ year
  • Lock in one year of access and get 2 months on us.

*We know how valuable our community is and we reserve the rights to raise prices at any time. However, there’s nothing to fear, as long as you're a member, your prices are locked in and won't be affected by future changes.

Your Investment

Community investment is $97 per month (cancel anytime) or $970 per year.
Either plan gets you access to all of our member benefits. The annual plan will give you an extra month on us and ensure you have people to turn to throughout all the seasons of your business.

Our Guarantee

We know that I'm That Geek community is full of savvy and experienced entrepreneurial and business owners geeks who aren't shy about jumping on camera to share generously and honestly about their experiences. But we know you don’t know that.

Give us a try for 30 days and if you aren’t blown away by the people you meet, the conversations we invite you to, and the quality of responses to what you share, we’ll happily refund your membership fee.

We have great guidance and leadership

~Krystalle Keszainn

This is not another bright and shiny object.

~Virginia Parsons

Take Action

What will happen to your business if you took just 4 weeks to focus on an area you want to improve?

No doubt it'll grow.

So why aren't we doing it now?

All the information is right there at our fingertips. You can learn ANYTHING you want for FREE just by going to the "YouTube University"... and yet, many of us are still broke, still stuck, still sick...

It's because lack of information is never the problem.

We're SOCIAL creatures who learn better through hands-on implementation, discussions and teaching others.

None of the communities or groups out there provide you this level of access to like minded people on a daily basis.

None of them invites you to engage in real time with your peers to complete challenges and tasks.

Most of them focus on information, not TAKING ACTION.

And that's why we're different.

As a member of our community, you'll choose a topic you want to focus on for the next 30 days (be it video, LinkedIn, growing your audience, becoming a better presenter, better with live videos... etc), you'll team up with your peers and you'll go to work.

  • No more will you be talking in the void - your community members will engage and support your social endeavours.
  • No more will you ask a question and not get an answer - in fact, the answer might come in a face to face live video chat.
  • No more will you feel alone on your path - we're in this TOGETHER.
  • No more will you watch the weeks and months pass by without a change in your business - instead, you'll be marking off all the areas you wanted to improve in.


I've seen first hand how gamification helps adults make magic happen. All of a sudden, you're working out. You're writing that article. You're picking up the phone. You're making sales.

Because when you remove the fear of failure and you add some play to it, everything becomes a fun game.

And at that point, the rewards are just the cherry on top.


There is SO much information out there that we're all are just drowning in it. We don't need another course or cheat-sheet, we need a real human being to hold our hand and take the journey with us.

That's what you'll find at I'm That Geek community - other geeks like you, who are just as passionate about building a business the honest way. No smoke and mirrors, no gimmicks and no BS.

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Access to I'm That Geek community is by invitation only. You'll appreciate this too once you're a member.