How To Self Publish a Best-Selling Book… Without Writing A Single Word!

With Martyn Cook

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Writing a book takes a ton of effort .. for Martyn Cook, when he calculated just how many words it takes to fill 300 pages it was almost a deal breaker - and that was without even considering just how LONG it takes too! But when he figured out how to create a highly rated e-commerce book, without writing a single word, leveraging "dead time" that he had in his day - it was game on!

On this episode of I’m That Geek Web-TV show Martyn walks us through:

  • Why writing a book is absolutely needed in today’s "Age of the Guru"
  • How he wrote a 300 page book, without actually writing a single word
  • How to "write" a chapter with just 3-5 simple bullet points
  • How he used "dead time" in his day to churn out chapter after chapter
  • How he attracted the world-famous Kevin Harrington as his foreword
  • How he continues to sell and ship books through a simple funnel that's "always on" and much more!

He’s even giving you a link to claim a free copy of his book so you can see exactly what the end product and every step of his funnel looks like! He’s holding nothing back - You have everything to gain!

About Martyn Cook

Martyn has been marketing and selling online since the age of 14 when he learned to build websites to impress a girl (it didn’t work!).

Since then he’s sold everything from dog collars to houses leveraging the internet. Martyn Co-Founded a Software company, Built multiple 7-Figure Ecommerce Brands, Co-Founded a High-Level Digital Entrepreneur Mastermind that hosts luxury meet-ups around the world, has spoken from stages around the world and still somehow found the time to self-publish two books.

Martyn absolutely loves connecting with interesting Entrepreneurs and he does that regularly via his Smarter Destiny Podcast and Community.


  • How to publish a book without writing a single word
  • Why you want to become a published Author
  • What you need to include in your book


  • How did Martyn Cook get started with self-publishing? (01:35)
  • Why Martyn created the brand Smarter Destiny (04:43)
  • Why Martyn created his e-commerce book (07:22)
  • How a book is like a business card (07:49)
  • About Martyn’s Free book (09:46)
  • How to “write” a best-selling book without actually writing a word? (15:41)
  • Why write a book? (17:26)
  • What happened when Martyn wrote his first book (21:09)
  • How thick should your book be? (24:55)
  • Why should you dictate your book? (29:56)
  • What “dead time” can you dedicate to dictating your book? (31:22)
  • How do you plan what to write about in your book? (32:06)
  • How do you even get started? (36:14)
  • Martyn’s example of how to apply the chapter structure to a weird niche (38:31)
  • Apps and Resources Martyn uses to keep things organized (40:45)
  • How do you pre-launch and build hype for your book? (44:14)
  • How Martyn got Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank to write the foreword for his book (46:40)
  • How testimonials help sell your book (51:18)
  • How to sell your book (53:23)
  • How to show what your book looks like before you have a physical copy (57:25)
  • What is the best way to self-publish? (59:22)
  • What is self-publishing? (01:00:02)
  • What are the best self-publishing companies and are there any you should avoid? (01:02:10)
  • What is the cost of self-publishing vs. other methods? (01:03:10)
  • What is the best way to market your book? (01:05:15)
  • Will self-publishing close the door to traditional publishing in the future? (01:07:22)
  • Is self-publishing a respected way for a first time author to get their name out there? (01:08:10)
  • Becoming an Amazon Best-Seller, is it really all it’s cracked up to be? (01:09:07)
  • Is Kindle a good way to publish and what about creating a paid audio format? (01:13:23)
  • What to do if you want to take action to create your own book (01:25:31)


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