How to Become The Chosen One in Any Industry

With Marc Ensign

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Too often when we speak about "personal branding" we're talking about stuff like "standing out in a crowd" or "becoming known in your industry" or "being seen as a recognized expert." And while all of that stuff might feel good, the fact is that none of it matters unless you are the one who is Chosen.

Every industry has someone who is "The Chosen One." They are the ones who get picked first. They get the high paying clients. They appear on the bestseller lists. They get paid to speak on the big stages. And they get all of the earned media appearances. The Chosen One doesn't have to chase opportunities because opportunities chase them.

It’s not just about getting a bunch of likes, comments and followers on your social media profiles. It’s all a moot point if you aren’t the person that comes to mind to hire when they need what you have to offer.

In this episode of I’m That Geek Web-TV Show we talk about the 3 elements that make a strong Personal Brand. But even more than that, how do you go beyond branding and what you can do in order to become The Chosen One in your industry?

About Marc Ensign

Marc Ensign's story began way back when he was a kid who wanted to change the world. Upon realizing that it might take a little longer than anticipated, he got sidetracked and found himself playing bass on Broadway with the Tony Award Winning show Rent. He was completely unqualified (his words, not mine) but had a gift for marketing himself and the rest is Broadway history.

Fast forward a bunch of years later and Marc is now "The Big Cheese" at, a personal branding agency specializing in making some of the world’s most inspiring speakers, authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs impossible to ignore. Through their 1 in 10 initiative, Marc and his team have a goal of reaching one billion people in ten years through the work of their clients. If you are reading this, they are one person closer.


  • How to become the chosen one in your industry
  • What are the 3 elements needed for your personal brand
  • Why you need all 3 elements in order to be successful


  • Who is Marc Ensign? (01:45)
  • WHAT?? Marc made it to Broadway? (03:14)
  • What personal branding really is (05:26)
  • How do you become the chosen one? (09:14)
  • How do you differentiate yourself? (11:17)
  • Why the relationship is about more than just people liking you (15:38)
  • You don’t become the chosen one overnight (17:12)
  • What it takes to build something of significance (20:34)
  • The difference between running a business and running a hobby (22:00)
  • Where do you currently stand with your brand? (22:45)
  • How can you improve your personal brand? (23:30)
  • Why when you don’t focus on all 3 elements you leave too big of a hole (25:37)
  • Does everybody starting a business online need to have personal branding? (28:40)
  • Why you need to be seen as the authority in your space (33:00)
  • How not to compete on price (35:11)
  • Why you need to address your identity, visibility and authority to be successful (42:50)
  • Where do you need to spend some more time? (44:38)
  • What’s the roadmap to get started with building an authority or being chosen? (52:32)
  • Where am I now, where do I want to go? (54:57)
  • Why you should be a Dick (59:16)


Marc’s LinkedIn

Marc’s Personal Brand Assessment

Marc’s Website

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