FashionBrain – an AI that predicts the next fashion trends

With Markus Müller

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What if the trend you're falling for started by an AI that wants you to buy more of a specific brand?

What if the AI noticed a peek in shopping and turned it into a trend?

What if all you ever see in fashion is what you're inclined to like and buy?

The FashionBrain project aims at combining data from different sources to support different fashion industry players by predicting upcoming fashion trends from social media as well as by providing personalised recommendations and advanced fashion item search to customers.

Let's talk with the man behind FashionBrain - an AI that predicts fashion trends - Markus Müller, the Editorial Director at Runway Manhattan, about all the implications of the upcoming future of AI.

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Markus Müller

Markus Müller

Editorial Director at Runway Manhattan

Markus‘ job at Runway Manhattan is to help today’s fashion brands, publishers, and retailers genuinely connect with all of their audiences. They developed FashionBrain to do that.

Markus was born and raised in Germany, lived in Denmark for 20+ years, and has been in the US since 2009. Copenhagen, Essen, Haderslev, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Munich, and New York City have all been home at some point in his life - knowledge nomad... Since 2010 Markus has lived in Duluth, Minnesota.

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