How to run a community where clients almost never leave

With Sean D'Souza

How do you run a successful online community? How do you get the members to be engaged so they stick around? Sean D’Souza created the community 5000bc, 15 years ago and it is still one of the most active and welcoming communities around. In this episode Sean talks about the tactics and systems he uses to create a welcoming, safe and engaging community which actually helps people with their business and marketing problems.

About Sean D’Souza

Sean D’Souza is an author, podcaster and community builder. Has been around the internet for ever. Initially a cartoonist he made the move into online marketing when online marketing wasn’t really a thing. He created a community, 5000bc to help small business solve their marketing problems. He is the author of The Brain Audit: Why Customers Buy (And Why They Don't).


  • You have to try many things before you discover the thing that works
  • Using data to determine who to let into a community
  • Finding ways to make people feel safe about participating in a community


  • How a cartoonist got into marketing (02:43)
  • Finding a market for his cartoons (04:28)
  • Problems that frequently occur when people start a business (10:05)
  • Getting started online (12:27)
  • The community Sean built and why he has put gates in place (18:01)
  • Why it costs $10 to be on the waiting list (22:37)
  • How they decide who to let into the community (26:35)
  • Sean’s views on fame (30:13)
  • Why Sean focuses on creating a community that makes it’s members feel safe (35:02)
  • The role of trust in community creation (41:50)
  • Sean’s process for bringing a new person into the community (48:28)
  • Creating content from the questions the community asks (56:12)
  • The people and resources that have had a part in Sean’s education in marketing (01:00:40)
  • The value in exposing yourself to information you don’t agree with (01:03:48)
  • How Sean now only promotes himself through his podcast (01:05:05)
  • The book Sean is writing about talent (01:08:39)



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The Brain Audit: Why Customers Buy (And Why They Don't) by Sean D'Souza 

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Have you considered starting a community before?

Neville Swaby
Neville Swaby

Neville here like the idea of a membership community.

Alyson Atma Simms
Alyson Atma Simms

Hello from Austin!

Seshu Badrinath
Seshu Badrinath

5000BC is one of the best investments for my business. Fantastic, engaging space!

Dave Moore
Dave Moore

One of the things I see more than anything are communities who pride themselves on the numbers of followers when what people really want is quality of content.

Dave Moore
Dave Moore

Shared to my group

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Sean D’Souza

Sean D’Souza

Author of Brain Audit Game

Helping you see why customers say NO at the very last minute. Why they back away. And how you can get them to say YES instead. Psychological Triggers that make customers true and trusted friends, instead of suspicious buyers.

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